Sealed for all of time:

Burning hatred, ceaseless bile

Of the kin most Vile.

— inscribed upon the deepest chamber in the gloom of Tower Aileyris


I have returned!  And am starting a new series: The Masks of Aileyr.  Not sure if they will all be pendants, but they are going to be little wire wrapped masks.  

:D  Highly stylised, and elaborately jewelled, of course.

Anyway, Eytuara is made with sterling silver wire and beads, pyrite, sunstone, iolite, labradorite, freshwater pearls, prasiolite, amethyst.  Don’t think I missed anything.


To make way for new inventories such as The Masks of Aileyr and other possibly upcoming sets, I’ve put pretty much everything in the store on Massive, Epic clearance mode.  Check it out:


Faith Cheong